Monday, August 6, 2012

1st day back, 2012

     IMG_9155 8th grade, top of the world. . . for now!

IMG_9157 IMG_9158IMG_9145

5th grade.

IMG_9150IMG_9148IMG_9146 IMG_9159And 3rd grade. . . may his teachers have strength!

IMG_9160IMG_9162Notice his mosquito-bitten legs?  We had an infestation last week, but it's getting better.  Also, Ethan cut his finger pretty badly last night, and I had to make one of those "Does this deserve a trip to the ER?" calls.  Fortunately, I had some supplies here and was able to stop the bleeding.  I decided he didn't need stitches, and we were good to go.

The boys had a hard time sleeping last night (me too), hopefully tonight will be better.  I'm excited to hear how Day 1 goes!  :) 

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Anonymous said...

Dang that summer flew by!