Monday, September 24, 2012

our red-letter day at church yesterday

Dan fell asleep...sitting the pew...drool and everything.  (He had worked the day/night before)  I used to wake him up.  Now I figure, let him sleep.  He worked hard for us and he's there in body at least if not in mind.

I play the organ for all music during the service.  Closing song, I totally played 25 seconds of the wrong song intro until the Bishop leaned back and kindly corrected me.  Oops.  Laughs.  Red face.  Moving on.

Ethan and Cameron sitting out in the hall the entire 2nd/3rd block because all of the children are currently practicing for next week's Primary Program, which we are not going to be around for and will miss.  What's the point of them staying if they're just sitting out in the hall?  Took them home mid-church.

I gave opening prayer for Relief Society (and Gospel Doctrine, actually), and misunderstood who was giving the lesson and totally prayed for the wrong person.  Out loud.

Winning all around!


Jennifer ♥ said...

Just shows you're human!!

Hope next time goes smoother for all of you! :)

OneHappyfamily said...

Ouch! But very funny!

Dahlene said...

Ha Ha! You must need some sleep too.

heather said...

love it!