Tuesday, September 4, 2012

too pooped to party

Today was our first clinical day in the Psych ward.

Although I didn't do much today, I still came home beat! It's going to take some getting used to, this full day-job thing!

Our first big test is tomorrow (bad timing with a clinical the day before) and although I don't think it'll be too tough, I'm having last minute doubts and fearing the whole "I-just-forgot-everything-I-know" phenomena.

I'm not very good with pharmacology (the study of medications) and there are a lot of psych meds to learn about: anti-psychotics, anti-manics and mood stabilizers, anti-anxiety drugs/anti-epileptic drugs, and then four different categories of anti-depressants we're learning about, the tricyclics, SSRI's, MAOIs, and atypicals. I've been pounding those into my head all night. I think I'll sleep well.

Meanwhile, my kids were put to bed an hour ago and I still hear them goofing off and fighting in the next room! I'm exhausted--I could have gone to bed at 7! :p

Wish me luck!


laurie said...

my cousin worked in the psych ward for awhile and said it was very interesting to say the least. i am home, sick, today - ugh. i do hope you get a chance for some extra rest soon.

Liz said...

It will et better Everyone finding their groove(so that's what we say)
You will do just fine.. NO doubting here I believe 100%