Tuesday, November 27, 2012

quicky updates

Not much to update over here... preceptorship is going very well, I'm loving it!  I have done L&D with currently-laboring mommas and I have done triage for pregnancy-related issues.  Really liking both.  Getting the hang of fetal monitoring strips, putting moms on monitors, done some foleys, lots of IVs (not altogether successfully, but my nurses are very encouraging) and just helped out any and everywhere I can.  I want a job!  :)

Graduation is in 2 1/2 weeks.

Studying every day for the NCLEX.

Got our Christmas lights and decos up, all except the tree.  75% of our indoor lights and 90% of our outdoor lights didn't work when we went to use them (SERIOUSLY, WHY IS THAT??!?) so I need to make a Christmas lights run this morning!

My family is almost done reading the Book of Mormon in full for the first time!  We've done the readers many many times, but for the last several years we've tried reading from the actual scriptures and always gave up early on.  We should finish in less than 2 weeks...very excited for us!  Great goal for our family!

Danny's new job is going very well, much better than his first week.  He's learning lots and getting more comfortable, and like I knew he would, getting better and faster at his tasks every day.  He is currently taking his final...I should hear from him with his results within the hour.  :)


laurie said...

we have not even dug through our garage for holiday decorations yet! i know this must be a special holiday season for your family with the goals you are checking off and accomplishing.

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Im so happy and proud for you, your husband and your family.

If I were having a baby Id love to have you as my nurse!

Best wishes always... and good job on getting the decorations up with your schedule.. Im still just in the thinking stages of doing mine.