Wednesday, August 28, 2013

salt lake city vacation

I think it was June that we were able to take several days to go visit Danny's parents in Salt Lake City, UT while on their mission.  Leaving Arizona in the summer time is dangerous, because we never want to come back.  Utah is so green and pretty and cool. . . felt a bit like heaven on earth to us.  We really enjoyed our long weekend with Dan's folks.  We were right on Temple Square and walked everywhere.  We did a live session at the temple (my first!  I loved it!), toured the Joseph Smith Memorial building and anywhere else Sharon would take us.  We went to the mall, watched the new Superman movie, ate out, visited with cousins (and 2nd and 3rd cousins?), hiked up to the capitol building, and Sean did some Baptisms while there.  Really a fun trip.  It was fun seeing Christy and Deana's families again too.

And maybe our next move will take us a little further north geographically.  Just sayin'.

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