Tuesday, June 10, 2014

camping, fall 2013

We love love love our friends.  Camping is one of our favorite things to do together!

cameron, the daring climbing boy

he made a pretty cool ladder out there

the potato (apple) gun was so much fun for everyone

happy campers!

lovin' the fresh air

say cheese!

baby Mischa


there goes the climbing boy again

Harley didn't so much enjoy the noise

cute the way they're looking at each other

she loves her Minnie Mouse chair

oh selfies

deep in thought

so goofy

camping hair!

camp life

hard at work

hard workin' men

i'll just sit back and take selfies

good morning!

we all love camping

dirty and happy

camping on his bday

super model




tallie--her first time camping and she was SOOO happy!

sexy in the woods (?)

so cute!


gathered 'round the world's biggest bonfire

dinner time

camp life

kiss the cook!

camp life





the haroldsen boys

the cavazos girls

world's biggest bonfire comin' up


cupcakes for the bday boy!

phone pics & glimpses - july & august 2013

We are silly.

out for Sean's bday

growing up too fast

our house at night

always a good time for Cold Stone

chopped off my hair

you like?

chris threw her dad a surprise 60th bday bash

at the surprise party

karaoke at the surprise party

somebody needs a haircut!

wet n' wild

1st day of HS

1st day of 4th grade

1st day of 6th grade

sometimes cute

sometimes not

last time to clean the old house

gift from a patient's daughter/family