Saturday, July 22, 2006

and then there was one

Down to one fish, mine, the piggy, Princess Consuela. One by one these little critters have bit the dust. Who knows why? Does anyone else have any experience with goldfish? These little guys looked fine, active, were eating and everything, and then one morning they'd be sluggish and wouldn't eat and by the next day they were dead in the water. Ew. I'd appreciate any advice.

We've been busy with doctor and dentist appts, getting things ready for school in another month, and finishing up Sean's summer rec program. Last night was the big finale party at the city pool--a huge monsoon was coming through and it got pretty windy. They even closed the slides due to the danger from lightning. But it was still fun for the kiddos although so cold when we got out!

My kids have been getting along better lately, for whatever reason. I'm not gonna complain! Last night, Sean had a sleepover in Cameron's room and to my shock there was no arguing or crying after lights out. I set them up with some cartoons this morning after breakfast, and at last check, they were cozied up on the couch together. Kind of fun to see your kids become friends if just for a short time.

Ethan is using words more and more so that is encouraging! His latest new word is 'sticker'--Sean got a bunch of fun 3-D stickers for his birthday and they are all over the house, stuck on the television, the carpet, toys, envelopes, anywhere kids can stick them. (Unfortunately Cameron got into them before Sean ever got a chance to use them for constructive purposes) So Ethan likes to find these stickers and put them on peoples' backs--just like they put the kids' names on stickers and put them on the kids' backs in Nursery. It's fun to hear Ethan walking around exclaiming 'sticker! sticker!' every time he finds one around the house.

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