Monday, July 17, 2006

ice cream, anyone?

Our ice cream party turned out ok--it ended up being a really overcast and cloudy day, so it was really dark by 8:00 when we had our party set for. We brought down some camping lanterns, but still, it was a bit too dark! I think everyone had a good time anyway...there was a ton of ice cream leftover which we gave away and sent with Danny to the firehouse. It was fun to celebrate our friendship as neighbors and come together to enjoy some free ice cream.

On a sad note, already two of our little new pets have gone to that great fish tank in the sky. Little Marvin and Fishy departed mortality sometime between last night and this morning. I think they may have been sickly when we got them, because often in the past week, I've found them just lingering near the bottom corner of the tank. At first I thought they were indeed fixing to die, then we decided that perhaps the two were canoodling and getting ready to lay eggs. That's a happier notion. Nonetheless, this morning, blank stares. We'll give our three remaining fish at least another three weeks before we replace any them, which may or may not be more expensive than these twelve cent goldfish. We'll see, the kids are having fun with them, but I don't want to have to deal with death too much. It kind of freaks me out to scoop them out and flush them!

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