Saturday, July 1, 2006

family updates

Just an update on the last few days...I still hate my job, Danny's working 7 days straight (from Sunday, Father's Day, to next Saturday, a 24-hr shift) I'm back on my diet for about two days straight (baby steps!) and I may or may not have a friendly relationship with my neighbor to the east any more.

First, I hate my job. I heard a wise man say recently, if you hate your job, quit it and find something else to do. When someone wins the lottery and the first thing they do is quit their job, then that means they were in the wrong job to begin with. He suggests that even those stay-at-home moms can find something, make a home business, market something they're good at, etc. I've been considering making scrapbooking layouts and selling them on ebay. There's not a huge market for these, but those that sell, sell rather well, $5-$25/layout! So I'm considering it. I'm mostly considering it because I've decided NOT to take on any more daycare kids after these two are gone next week, at least for the summer. Yesterday was literally the day from CrapVille, so Danny and I decided it was worth my sanity to just keep my little 18 month old and take a break for a bit.

This is mostly only possible because Danny's working so darn much now. Feast or famine, eh? It's good for him, but wow, 7 days straight, one of those being a 24 hr shift. He's going to be exhausted on his first day off, poor guy.

I've been attending aerobics and walking or swimming every morning pretty regularly, so I decided I'd better get serious and eat right too, so that my hard work will pay off in some way, shape, or form. I feel like my life is ruled by food. I just enjoy the stuff, what can I say? Even as I type this I'm snacking on Ruffles Light fat-free (with olestra) potato chips. Only one point, yay!

And lastly, my neighbor. One of my darling daycare children, who shall remain nameless, got into my yucky bag of used diapers that I put on the back porch (en route to the big trash can on the side yard) and literally chucked a dozen of these poop grenades over our neighbor's wall. Yeah, nice. Meanwhile, she's on vacation for a week (Alaskan cruise, lucky gal!) and she has dogs in the backyard. So I contacted her Dad, who luckily lives just around the corner and he saved us, came and opened up the house for us so we could go clean up. Oy. Fortunately, none of them flew into the pool. What a mess that would have been! Anyhoo, she is very understanding, so I know she'll be kind to me about it, but I'm just sure that under the surface, she's regretting building next to us. = p

So now you're caught up on our life, where the living room is always in disarray, the fridge is always open, and if you're lucky and you look real hard, you'll be blessed to spot a diaper flying over your head.

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