Saturday, July 1, 2006

movie night

So, the drive-ins are my new favorite recreational activity! We went last night and had such a good time. Let me tell you first, our weather down here in Phoenix--we've been flirting with rain for the past couple of weeks. It gets real stormy and windy and you get a drip drop every now and then, but thus far, no rain. So we were a little nervous about that, since we noticed a lot of lighting on our drive to the theatre!

We left Ethan at home with a sitter (best $8 we ever spent and he was asleep the whole time) and met Dan's mom and brother at the Glendale drive-ins to catch a double feature, "Cars" and "The Da Vinci Code." We really liked both and give them two thumbs up. (So would that be four thumbs? 8, since it's two people rating two movies?...anyhoo...)

Just as "Cars" was starting, it started to rain a bit, and we being in the back of the truck, had to duck for cover under our blankets. But it only lasted like 15 seconds and then it blew over. It got windy, and there was lots of lightning but that's about it and then we were able to enjoy the movie. It was relatively cool outside. "Cars" was cute and funny but I was surprised that it was so long. 2 hours, 15 minutes including the previews. Then, we stayed on for the second feature, "The Da Vinci Code" and enjoyed it. Of course it's fiction and a story (I don't believe half of it) but a great code-soliving mystery type movie and Tom Hanks did a good job. The kids fell asleep early during the second movie, so that was awesome.

I love that we can be as loud as we want and the kids can move around between the cars, we can bring all the snacks we want, and then cuddle under the blankets when it gets cool. Lots of fun for a great price, $11 for Danny and myself, kids were free, and we got to see two movies. Great deal and a great evening! Late though, we got home around 2am. =) Today will be a nice Saturday off.

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