Saturday, July 1, 2006

some fun websites

I thought I might list some of the websites that I like and suggest, just for something different.

This is a forum that lists hundreds of contests that you can enter, some once, some daily. You can spend hours on this site browsing and entering contests. Why not? I recently entered the Dryers Neighborhood Ice Cream Party contest and was a winner--I'll be receiving 100 servings of ice cream in a couple of weeks and we'll be having a party with the neighbors.

This is a great site that I use to check all those forwarded emails I get, regarding "here's a quote by so and so" or "look at this picture taken at such and such" or "missing child alert" etc. 50% of things that get forwarded to me are fake--this site picks out the hoaxes from the real thing.

My favorite jewelry site. You can find some cheap stuff, some expensive stuff, whatever you're looking for. The best part is the dirt-cheap shipping from Thailand.

A fun site for dieters--she has several newsletters regarding tips and tricks, new products, questions and answers, etc. I've learned a lot from this gal in terms of what's tasty and what's worth passing on in terms of diet food.

Seriously the most addictive game I've ever played. I originally found it in the newspaper. Now it's available everywhere in every format--online, books, so on and so forth. My best time is 3 min 20 seconds. Let me know if ya'll can beat that!

Super cool website for the church. This is a really detailed site with so many different sections. Anywhere from ward and stake calendars to General Conference talks, gospel library, info on temples, family history, food storage, and more. One of my favorite sections is Provident Living. Very helpful!

Of course there's also azfamily, ebay, craigslist, and others that I just love to surf. check them out!

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