Sunday, August 6, 2006

the reunion

Last night was Danny's family reunion on his grandma's side. We met at a church in glendale and had dinner, dancing, and time to catch up! I honestly didn't know too many of them--the three cousins I knew pretty well were not able to attend, so that was a bit of a bummer. But it was good seeing Dan's mom interacting with her siblings; it was the first time I'd met several of them, even though I've talked to a few over the phone or via snail mail before.

One of his aunts is really into family history and geneology and has gotten hundreds, if not thousands of family names ready to go through the temple. We've helped her out quite a bit with this and she made sure to seek me out and thank me (and of course I thanked her!) and that was fun.

The dinner was a potluck and holy cow there was sooo much food! Even after everyone had been through, there were still several dishes untouched just due to food overload. The cake at the end was the best part--it had been a while since I had good cake, so I made sure to get my fill!

Afterwards, Danny's cousin Mike, who is a DJ, set up the karaoke and dance music and all of the kids and some of the kids-at-heart danced and danced to fun favorites like 'the chicken dance', 'the electric slide', 'hokey pokey', 'YMCA' and more. The kids went nuts all running around and chasing each other, but I just let them have a good time.

The scrapbook pages were a big hit--all of the children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren had submitted scrapbook pages that compiled a HUGE album that was given to Grandma and Grandpa after dinner. It was so fun to look through and see everyone's families! I'm sure 75% I've never met nor will ever, with everyone being so spread apart. (If you don't mind my tooting my own horn, my pages were the best, lol! But it's my passion, it's what I enjoy and do for creative release, so I put my all into them)

Danny was working of course, and showed up right at the end as we were all getting worn out dancing. I went to hug him and he stopped me saying "I have old man throw up on me." Nice! Part of the job. Maybe he needs to start taking an extra uniform to work!

Anyway, it was really fun to see this side of Danny's family and see who it is we'll be sharing our eternities with!

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