Monday, September 25, 2006

catching up

We have been so busy that I've gotten a tad behind! Let me fill you in on all the latest on the fam...

First of all, my camera has been acting really weird. It used to be that at the middle setting resolution-wise, I could get around 125 pictures. At the lowest setting, I could get hundreds! But lately, even at the lowest setting, I could only get like 5-7 pics. That was so frustrating, especially Friday night when we were at our ward Family Fiesta! There were so many things I wanted to take pics of (everyone eating, the awesome decorations, the cha-cha lessons, the pinata, everything!)

So we got home super late from that and the kids were so wound up and hyper and just plain naughty that we had to forgo our usual Friday night tradition of letting one of them choose where we sleep for the night. I think we were all gonna end up in the living room in sleeping bags, but the naughtiness but a stop to that quick.

I was able to figure out that my memory card just needed a simple format done and that fixed it. Now, on the medium setting, I can get 333 pictures!! Whoa baby!

The next day, Danny had gotten tickets from his work to Water World. They were one of four business that had rented out Water World for the day for all their employees for free. Dan was able to get the day off, and away we went. It was fun, but pretty cold. The water was like ice, and just going from one area to another, we'd dry off and then have to get used to the water all over again. My camera was working, but I forgot to charge it so we were running on low battery all day, and I didn't get pics of all I wanted.

That night was the General RS Broadcast which was so good; it always is. I always get so emotional listening to their wonderful words and counsel. President Hinckley looks older and tired, but he's still 'with it'. Afterwards, several ladies went out to eat at El Paso BBQ. It was my first time there and I have to tell you, I wasn't all that thrilled. I'm not a big meat eater, so I got a chicken item and it just wasn't that great.

Yesterday was a busy Sunday with lots of meetings and then finally we got to my sister-in-law's house for dinner. The kids were pretty good which always makes it easier. We're trying a gentler approach with them, as they seem to react so negatively to negative attention (duh), just trying to show more love and Christ-like attributes, teach with love, discipline with love, etc. Wish us luck!

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