Wednesday, September 20, 2006

vanilla ice box ice cream

I found this recipe recently and decided I'd try it--home-made ice cream that only takes about 15 minutes to make, you use your mixer, then you freeze it and you're done!!! We were given an ice cream maker when we first got married umpteen years ago, and I have to admit, we've used it maybe three times. And I can't even remember when the last time was, probably over 5 years ago. My argument has always been that you need almost $10 worth of ingredients to make it at home, plus all the ice, the rock salt, the time, the turning, and sometimes you'll end up with a good product that resembles ice cream. Not worth it!

However, this is so fast, just uses a few ingredients, and you use your hand mixer! So easy! We made this yesterday and ate it last night. Good stuff. I also have recipes for the chocolate version, or you yourself can go to and click on Library, then Recipes, and scroll down to ice cream desserts to find all their variations. So good! So fast! Dangerously easy! =)

Later, for dinner, we went to Denny's because kids eat free on Tuesday. Yippee! Danny and I have both fallen in love with Denny's chicken fried steak (so NOT healthy it's not even funny, but oh so good!); the wait staff gave the kids masks to make while they were waiting.

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