Sunday, September 17, 2006

friendly visit

After church we drove two hours to visit some good friends who moved out to Queen Creek about 4 months ago. We were excited to spend some time with them and hang out, and get our boys together (they have four). We had so much fun! They fed us dinner and we brought dessert and we laughed and shared stories and played a new game called "It Came To Pass", a really fun card game based loosely on the Book of Mormon.

Our boys were so good too! I couldn't believe that we didn't have to break up one fight, not one! I wish I'd brought my camera; I thought of it about 20 seconds after we left our driveway, but I'm not the type to turn around...especially knowing it was going to take so long to get out there.

They may be moving to Utah, so this may have been one of our last chances to visit with them. We miss our friends! Thanks for a fun night, guys!

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