Monday, September 18, 2006

double ugh!!

OK, I'm not gonna mince words. I am not cute. The bug bites are bad and I look like I have a serious case of adult acne. My friend says they are indeed mosquito bites. She runs in the early morning and says that the bugs are at their worst betwen 5 and 6am; she says you can't even feel them biting you. People are polite and don't stare or say anything, but I wish they would say something, because then it would give me the opportunity to explain that I did not catch chicken pox at 31 years old. It's not pretty. It's quite embarassing too.

The weird thing is how it's affected the three of us differently. Sean itches and scratches and is having the worst time of it. On Satuday, he had giant welts across his forehead. He's taken a couple of baths mid-day to relieve the itching, but nothing seems to help, not even Benadryl.

Cameron, on the other hand, has not scratched once (and has not bathed either, interestingly enough) and his bites have shrunken and faded and look like tiny red freckles.

And me, it doesn't seem to matter what I do--I can leave them alone, doctor them, treat them, use cover-up, use face cream, whatever, and they still look pretty much like they did the morning I discovered my face looking like a giant dot-to-dot puzzle. I'll say it again, I do not look good!

On a really anoying and kick-myself side note, Cameron missed the bus today. I'd had him ready with his backpack on since 12:15. The bus normally comes at 12:35. I kept popping back and forth to the window to see if it was in front of our house yet, and finally by 12:50 I called the bus services to make sure it was still coming. I was told to give it another 15 minutes and if it wasn't here yet, to call again. So I waited. In the meantime, I put the two daycare kids and Ethan to bed and kept looking out the window. By 1:05, I called again and asked Dispatch to contact the bus driver to see if they'd forgotten him or what...they came back on the line to say the bus had been here around 12:45 and waited a couple of minutes, then left!! WHAT?? I missed it? How did I miss it? And why wasn't I informed of that when I called at 12:50? If I'd known that, I would have put all the kids in the car (unpleasant as that is, having to put in and take out the extra carseat, use the double stroller, blah blah blah) and taken him to school at that time. By the time I'd found out we'd missed it, the kids had been in bed almost 10 minutes and he was 10 minutes from school starting. I said forget it, he'd just miss school today. Which really sucks, because he had his show and tell item all ready and he was really excited about it.

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