Monday, September 4, 2006

lunch date

Saturday morning dawned and with it the idea of having a yard sale; however, we just couldn't get into it. It's still so hot outside and we hadn't made any signs or priced anything, so we just weren't feeling it. This was Danny's first Saturday off since around March and who knows when he'll have another one, so we kinda didn't want to waste our nice day off together doing a yard sale.

Then I got the idea to call up his folks in CA and ask them to meet us in the middle for lunch around San Bernadino. We figured it would be around 4-5 hours for each of us and since we hadn't seen them since Dec 04 (they went on a couples mission last year) we really missed them! They were totally excited about the idea, so off we went! We didn't pack anything, not even extra diapers we realized later, but it was fun and spontaneous and so great to see his Dad and step-Mom!

They bought us lunch at Applebees and they oohed and ahhed over the kids; they hadn't seen Ethan since he was around 7 months and the last time they saw Cam he wasn't even talking yet, so this was really needed. We bought some diapers at Wal-mart and enjoyed a couple of hours together before parting ways.

I highly recommend it!

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