Friday, September 1, 2006

scrapbook pages

I made the brilliant realization a couple of weeks ago that if I put a little card table up in my room I will scrapbook more! And so I have, almost every day or at least every other day, I have sat in my own room with my messy stash all around me, Dave Ramsey's financial radio show on the internet and I am catching up! I've been consistently about a year behind for a while, but just today I finished November from last year, so I'm catching up slowly.

It's nice to have just a little space for my things; of course I still put most of it away when I'm done at the end of the day--kids are kids and they'll get into scissors and glue and all my fun-looking schtuff--but when I want to I can just leave it and close the door and go get things done. I love it. I have a perfect 2-3 hour window every day when all the kiddos are sleeping and/or are at school. It's pure heaven. (I don't always scrap...sometimes I surf the internet or watch a movie just for me, take a nap, or clean )

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