Monday, October 2, 2006

a-camping we will go

Hello all, just thought I'd write a bit about our plans for next week. We hope to go camping Tuesday morning as soon as Danny gets off his shift through Friday before he has to be back at work Saturday morning. It's kind of odd, since it's the middle of the week, but the kids have Fall Break (what is that? I never had a Fall Break!) and are off for the week. That combined with my hubby's odd work schedule, we figured this would be the perfect time for a short trip. Three nights/4+ days camping is no easy feat, especially with three kiddos that get bored so quickly, so any suggestions as to how we can fill our days and how we can fill our bellies will be appreciated.

We are taking two cars so we can bring our boat along, and Danny got a fishing license recently, so we'll be fishing one of the days at least, if not more. I don't have much experience in that department, neither catching nor cleaning, nor eating for that matter, so it will be an educating experience I hope. On that note, if anyone knows of any good ways to cook fish...please fill me in! Spices, technique, the works. I'm not a big fish fan unless it comes in a Chicken of the Sea can. =)

Anyway, we love camping and hope to have a good time. The kids get filthy within our first few minutes there and we eat junk and stay up late and look for elk at sundown. Sean is already asking if he can bring his GameBoy. I'd say No Way, except for it really works to keep him occupied on long car trips, so I may just say "in the car only!" I always take tons of pictures while out there, so keep looking for those. It's a week away and already we're so excited!

Anyone want to come with us? I'm not kidding, we'd LOVE to have company. It's so much more fun for the kids too. If anyone's interested, let me know and we can plan out meals.

Yay, camping!!


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