Wednesday, October 4, 2006

is there a doctor in the house?

I have had the unfortunate problem of an ailing foot for the past month. I thought perhaps I'd hurt it at aerobics, but it never got worse nor better, was just a constant ache--at least when I'd first put pressure on it, that is. I'd walk on it a few seconds, get the stiffness out, and then it would be fine...wouldn't bother me at step class or wearing shoes or anything.

Also, for about three months, the middle knuckle on my left hand has been hurting. Again, at first, I thought maybe I'd injured it by holding my weights wrong or something, but it never got any worse nor any better.

About a month ago I decided I must be showing early onset arthritis. My Mom has major debilitating rheumatoid arthritis and actually got it in her early 30s. Recently I learned this is a trait passed down through the female gene and now I am almost certain that is what I'm getting. This is so scary to me, because my poor mom has really suffered from this for the past 30 years. Her joints were always swollen and puffy, her fingers and toes look terrible, and in fact, in the past couple of years, she's had both knees and a shoulder replaced. Am I going to be that way? I am terrified!

Anyway, today, I could barely walk on my foot. Straightening it out or putting any pressure on it is killing me--not my ankle, just the heel of my foot. Anyone have any advice? Perhaps I did injure it at step class?

I actually had a doctor appt scheduled for today, but there was a mixup with my insurance which is going through transition. Long story short, I'll have to reschedule, but I'm afraid to even find out that I may be arthritic. I'm too young for this!

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