Wednesday, October 18, 2006

"over the hedge" review

Has anyone seen this movie? It's cute. Not what I was expecting. Big thanks to my brother in the Carribean Islands who let us watch his copy even before he got to see it. (It'll be a few months Bro, Christmas is coming fast!)

Anyway, it's so well done--just amazing what they can do with the computer-gen movies these days! Lots of famous names in this one, some of my favorites being the William Shatner and Thomas Hayden Church characters. The kids love it and laugh and laugh as they are watching. Makes us laugh too, especially the little 'short' movie about the squirrel and the boomerang. They've watched that half a dozen times today.

Fun for kids, cute movie!


LIZZEE said...

This is great to know Amie as I am going to a party Saturday and am gonna get this for the gift.

tif-do said...

I like the cookies...