Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Yesterday was a great day for so many reasons. I didn't even realize it was a great day while it was happening, but now that I look back on it, it really was a good one. Does that ever happen to you?

It starts off with Sean just being a bigger boy and acting a bit more mature in order to please and of course gain rewards. We've had this chore chart for a while--he does a chore and gets paid for it of course--and recently we've added some behaviors and rewards to the chart as well. For instance, if he obeys and does something the first time we ask, then he receives a reward. If he does something on his own without having to be asked, then it's another. And if he accepts punishment willingly without backtalking, he gets another--that one's kind of weird, I'll admit, and we haven't actually acted on that one yet, but it's coming I hope. Anyway, he's just very eager to earn these rewards and this technique seems to be paying off. Yay!

It was Danny's day off, so at the kids' nap time, we started to watch a movie, but he promptly fell asleep, as usual. Hard to keep him awake during afternoon movies for some reason, but that's OK, the movie was for me ("Chasing Liberty" with Mandy Moore) and Dan worked last night so let's face it, he was tired. Anyhoo, I settled in to watch the movie in the peace and quiet of Heavenly Nap Time as I like to call it, when I received a call from a very very dear old friend (gosh, sounds like we're in our 80s or something) and we proceeded to talk for about an hour. She's one of my old roommates and best friends from college, and our friendship is the type that we can be separated by distance for months or years at a time, yet when we get together, we pick up right where we left off, no awkwardness, nothing changes, it's just back to being great friends. It was a great chat. Basically she was letting me know that she's coming to town for Thanksgiving and we might be able to get together when a third friend and roommate of ours is having her adopted baby boy sealed to her family. How awesome is that?! I hope that works out. It would be so fun to have the three of us back together.

So later, my mother-in-law came over and babysat the kids for us so we could go out to the temple and do some sealings. We hadn't done those in probably two years or more and it was a really neat experience. I love doing sealings. Another cool thing is that we happened to be in the actual room that we were married and sealed in! (Sealing Room #4 in case anyone is interested) So that was pretty awesome. We took a moment after the session was done to look at each other through the mirrors and see our reflections go on and on and on towards eternity. =)

And then, we went out to Black Angus and totally busted our budget and diet and ate goooood. Ahh, good times. It really was a great day!

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