Wednesday, November 29, 2006

a quiet evening

OT is really hard to come by for my sweet hubby at work right now, so he's been kind of left with crap shifts that no one wants to take--case in point, tonight he's working 7p-7a, just the graveyard shift. At first, I thought it sucked! But when I think about it, it's actually very nice. Because technically, he was off during the day, so he was home, and tomorrow, he'll be again off during the day. We won't really "miss" him being gone during the night. The hope is of course that he'll have an easy night with not a lot of calls. If he's busy the entire shift and gets no sleep, then yes, this shift sucks! But anyway, the nice thing for me is, a quiet evening without the TV on, and I don't have to share the computer (lol, priorities, you know).

Anyhoo, I put Numbers 2 and 3 to bed and kept Number 1 up to work on some homework and have a little Mommy-Sean time. I don't normally do that, and in fact, his regular homework is usually done first thing when he gets home. But he had a big project that he's doing tomorrow and we just wanted to fine-tune it. He's giving a demonstration on how to build a paper airplane glider. He has to show and teach the class how to do it. Kind of neat. So while he was plugging away on his folds and creases and oragami technique, I got to quietly decorate the Christmas tree. All by myself. That hasn't happened since we've had kids, practically!

I don't have a running theme--I've never been able to afford a lot of matching nice decorations, so basically, it's just all the ornaments my Mom has made and given out over the years, really a hodge podge. But normally, the kids are 'helping' and I don't get to put a lot of myself into it. This year, I made a bunch of bows out of burgendy velvet and tied them all over the tree just to add a little something. My camera battery is charging, so you'll have to wait for tomorrow's post to see the picture!

Random question: anyone ever been to Laguna Woods, CA?

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