Monday, December 25, 2006

some of my favorite pics from yesterday

In case any of you are wondering, I am blogging so much today because I am husband-less. Since Dan is working a 24 hour shift, we are not celebrating Christmas until tomorrow. I'm trying not to let today be just like any other day; the kids are eating treats and watching movies and playing a lot outside. We wanted to visit Danny at work, but it looks like he's going to have call after call on this most busy day. We're getting ready for our trip to UT tomorrow, doing laundry, getting caught up on things so we don't come home to a mess. Here are some of my favorite pictures from yesterday. I tweaked a couple and have added many to the web photo album. Can you tell, I am so hooked on sepia tints right now! I wish I knew better how to manipulate them.

For your viewing pleasure is a picture of Danny's brother Eddie and his girlfriend Heather. She gave each family a bucket full of goodies, homemade popcorn balls, bread, cocoa, candy canes, really cute and so nice of her! I like how they look so cozy and comfortable in this picture.

Next, is Danny's sister Becky--doesn't she look so classic and elegant in this shot? I love it. She just shared with us last night that she is pregnant again. We are so hopeful...after losing three babies, we are certainly praying for her. They are also due to receive word any day now that their long-awaited adoption of Guatemalen-born Magno is final so they can travel down to South America to bring him home. What an amazing year they are going to have!

Then my two little guys--I took a dozen shots of them in this pose, I just love it. Doesn't this have scrapbook page written all over it?

Lastly, our family...I might have gotten a bit carried away on the glow and the blur effects on this one, but it's worth a shot. I'm trying to learn my photo editing software.

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Anonymous said...

Your boys are so HANDSOME! GREAT PICTURES! I hope you have a GREAT holiday! Tammi