Saturday, December 30, 2006

our Christmas morning

We anxiously awaited Daddy's arrival home from his 24 hour shift (where they got a grand total of FOURTEEN calls, holy cow!) so that we could rip into our presents and then go to St. George to visit my parents. Here are some of my favorite pictures of us and our goodies.

Sean wrote the cutest little letter to Santa Claus using the Color Wonder Dark set. He's been waffling this month on whether or not Santa Claus is real, and ultimately at the last minute, he decided Santa is real. At least for one more year...

Here's Daddy Santa...his big gift was an IPOD Shuffle this year. It's not much compared to what else is on the market, but he's excited about it and the chance to carry tunes wherever he goes.

Sean and his Gameboy stuff...he just loves Gameboy right now. He's so funny about it, thinking he's hip and cool and up on the latest and greatest. I had a gameboy when I was like 14. So much has come and gone since then; our neighbor claims he got an XBox 360, to which Sean bragged that he wanted a Playstation 2. That is so obsolete now, but above and beyond the Playstation 1 that we bought used like 6 years ago! It's very doubtful we'll ever own the latest or greatest, but in their innocence, they are excited about what we can get for them, even if it's second hand from ebay. And I know, I know, that's not what Christmas is all about. But it's part of it. Next year I'd like to have the kids do some sort of service project or be involved in a secret Santa. There are several good examples in our ward who do such things, so sweet!

I absolutely loved this fireman's hat the first time I saw it and knew it was meant for Cameron. Both he and Ethan are so into firetrucks these days.

Ethan very meticulously unwrapped each present and placed each scrap of wrapping paper in the trash. Most of our Christmas morning was spent watching him very slowly get to each present!

Ahh, my new comforter set! I've been so excited to get this, practically all year long. Our sheets were completely ripped, our former comforter was cut, thanks to Ethan, and painted red, thanks to Cameron and just 9 years old is all. We were due! Love it love it love it! Danny thought my gift was boring, but I'm thrilled at getting new stuff. Maybe this will give me the oomph to paint our room. I'm thinking one wall a nice dark chocolate or mahogany to go with the bedspread and the other three walls a taupe. What do you think?

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