Saturday, December 30, 2006

st. george pictures

It is a pretty city, but I go back on forth on if I could ever live there or not.This is my parents' church building; notice how it's design and color blends so well with the red rock that St. George is famous for.

This is my favorite house in a neighborhood close to my parents'. Isn't it gorgeous?

Of course, the St. George temple; pretty as a postcard and literally colder than freezing. We took a stroll around it which ended up in a kind of slow jog, we were so cold! I took a drink out of the drinking fountain on the grounds and nearly froze my throat!

Four-generation shot with my Grandma Moore, my dad, Danny, me and the kiddos. Who knows how much longer she'll be with us. She's 83 or so and her dad lived to be 93. However; she's going through dialysis every 3 days and that's really taking it out of her and my parents who are her caretakers. It's may be a long haul.

What is all that white stuff? We drove about half an hour north of Ivins to find some snow. It was not only so so so cold, but extremely windy. The kids lasted approx-imately 45 seconds. Danny played outside by himself for about 15. He threw snowballs, made a 8 inch high snow man (ie pile of powdery snow with 2 sticks in it), laid down and made a snow angel and absolutely was a kid at heart, enjoying the snow. See the photo album for more!

Our family at my folks' house.

My parental units. We had such a good time at their home. Not only did we go play in the snow, but we ate out (mmm, Chinese food) and all went out to see the movie "Open Season" together. We brought pizza in one night and my parents watched the kids one evening so that Danny and I could go watch "The Work and the Glory 3". We really enjoyed that--it took the Steed family up through the third book, which we were surprised about. We thought they were going to summarize several books in this movie, but so far, they're limiting each movie to each book. I hope they make all 9 of the books into movies! Anyway, my mom is SO GOOD with the kids and was always playing games with them, reading books, and giving them goodies. She's a super grandma!

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