Wednesday, January 31, 2007

last day of the month, wow jan. went fast!

Here are my last couple of layouts. I think I ended up with 11 layouts for January. Not too shabby!

In other news, I'm so tired this week! The fever virus is running through my house and Sean has been home from school the last three days. He wakes up totally sick and grouchy and unfit for school. But once his Tylenol kicks in (and he's already missed the bus for school) he's just fine and then we endure the 12-hour battle of keeping him resting in his room away from the kids even though he feels just fine. He wants to play outside, be with people, etc etc. I have to force him to rest and get the idea that if he's not well enough to be in school, then he's not well enough to play. But by the next morning, he really is fevery, coughing, and unfit for school again. Ugh.

That combined with the fact that I have two extra kids tomorrow (which is supposed to be an easy daycare day for me) makes for a long week. But, although tomorrow is packed and gonna be super busy and stressful, it's also gonna be awesome. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law come home from Guatemala with their newly adopted toddler, Jared Magno McBride! They've been in the international adoption process for a year and this past week they got the call that their wait is over! Can you imagine how psyched they must've been, flying down there, waiting waiting waiting, nervously hoping that he'd like them, that they'd like him, likely getting NO SLEEP the entire week before the meeting...I'm just so thrilled for them. Tomorrow night we'll meet the little bugger at the airport for the first time. I need to remember to take my camera. I'm sure I'll post pics of our newest little nephew!


tif-do said...

That is really awesome for your family. Congrats to them and their new little one. Hope you have a terrific day, and everyone is well.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new nephew how exciting for them.. Can't wait to see photos.
Liz Kt

The Bluths said...

Awesome! It was great to see you this morning. How are your abs? :)