Thursday, January 4, 2007

paying it forward

My sweet boy...he can really touch me sometimes. Several days ago, we had a very generous random act of kindness given to us--a ring of the doorbell, we open it up, just to find a card. Inside was a Happy New Year's wish and $100! No signature...just a totally selfless act of kindness that we were shocked by...we literally stared at each other as the bills fell to the floor, just in shock! So sweet of whoever it was.

Well, yesterday as I was paying my kids for their chores done in December, I noticed that Sean's spending money bank had just change in it, no dollar bills. He then told me that he'd made a little card for our neighbors (a single mom with 2 girls), written "Happy New Year" in it, added a dollar bill, left it on the doorstep, rang the doorbell and ran. My first thought was, Sean, you don't need to give money to adults! And I thought I'd explain to her so I could get it back. My big 7 year old then said, "Well, someone did that to us two nights ago, remember? And it was service and I wanted to do service!" Awww!! I immediately told Danny and we told Sean we were so proud of him and gave him a bonus point on his behavior chart for the week. How cute is that kid? And what a great lesson for him to learn. Again, thank you to whoever blessed us that day, because it made quite an impact on a little boy who is paying it forward!


Brian and Jessica said...

That is so Cute Amie!! What a good kid!

abeNanna said...

Nice to see how your family is growing. We loved watching you as a young girl and your mom is one of the best ladies on this earth. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

Purplbtrfly1 said...

Awww that just totally touched my heart!! You do have a special young man there! How blessed you are to have someone do something like that for you and then for your son to have the spirit touch him and want to be a pawn in the Lords hands to help someone else. I do believe that the Lord does these things and helps guide us to what he wants us to do. Maybe the Lord prompted him to do that for the neighbor, what a gift you have been given far more precious than money!