Tuesday, February 13, 2007

nine years and loving it

So about 9 1/2 years ago Dan and I met. It was through a general circle of friends who always got together after church for fun and games and wholesome togetherness time. I was actually dating someone at the time, a nice guy, (still a friend to this day), but so not the right match for me. He was actually more of a best friend than a boyfriend type.

I didn't much pay attention to Danny at first--he had his hair shaved really really short and that wasn't my style at all. He noticed me, but also noticed the goofy boyfriend I had. It wasn't much later though, that my then-boyfriend realized who his true love was, and I totally supported him going after her! (They married and have one son and live very happily in Utah)

Once I was single, Daniel made his move! No, not really...we were still hanging out in group settings and ended up sitting next to each other while watching a movie at someone's house on Sunday. We were talking and flirting and by the next Sunday I realized I was really looking forward to seeing him again and learning more about him. We had a mutual friend who knew us both pretty well, so I found out as much as I could through him. As it turns out, he had attended high school with several of my favorite college roommates, so he was nothing new to them! Plus, we'd grown up in the same stake and likely seen each other at stake activities, but never known it. In fact, we figured out much later that my last year of camp was the first year for his sister and Mom. (The year the 'killer' was hiding in the woods up by Mormon Lake and Camp LoMia...anyone remember that?!?)

Anyway, a week or two later, we had our first official date, or rather, we tried. We had planned a trip to the state fair, but it ended up raining that night, so we stayed in to watch a movie and I made what have become Amie's Famous Tostadas. (More like limp tacos as he calls them--either the shell is too hard or too soft, I can't get them just right!) The next night we went to the fair, and it has become one of our very favorite places--we try to go each year. After two months of dating, we were engaged, and two months later we were married, the day before Valentines' Day. This is our engagement picture (sorry it's blurry, it's a picture of a picture)

We thought we were so cool and romantic getting married around Valentine's Day--in retrospect, we would have chosen a different weekend. Nothing's on sale, hotels are booked, the cost of roses are astronomical, and basically everyone in the world is celebrating too! So we usually celebrate a few weeks before or after.

9 years and 3 kids later and we're still in love! We've had our ups and downs, like most couples. Been through a couple of traumas and definite tests of our faith, quite a few job changes and career paths. But we're stuck together and growing and maturing as a couple each day! We set goals together, pray together, and are working hard for our eternal family. It's hard to imagine life without him and I love him!


Delfina said...

So touching. Only true love test the faith of time. Glad you guys are both sill very happy and doing well. Here's to another 9 years for you guys.

tif-do said...

Thanks for sharing how you met. I love those stories. Congrats!!!

leaner said...

How sweet! Glad to here how you met! I love the stories of meetings. I don't know if you have read mine, and really couldn't tell you where it is on my blog (like a year ago or maybe two?) Its not as wholesome, in fact, you know what? Don't read it... LOL

leaner said...

unless you want to of course.

Anonymous said...

That's a great Story.. Amie.. glad your in love and happy..True Love /Soul Mates hard to find.. Keep up the great Marriage and May your have many happy more Anniversaries to come..
Liz KT

Pen-nut said...

Congrats on your anniversary!! Thanks for sharing your story.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, you are almost to that fabulous milestone of having TWO digits in your anniversary! Us lesser married couples bow to your superior number! :):) But seriously, it's a great story!

abeNanna said...

Thanks for sharing. Those "how we got together" stories are so much fun. I copied ours and sent it along with a story about my parents and how they met and gave it to our son 'da bear who is in Iraq. We wanted him to share it with his girlfriend.