Saturday, March 24, 2007

beautiful lillies

I LOVE my lillies! For several birthdays/mother's days, I've been hinting that I wanted lillies. A year or two back, I got a lovely lilly plant from my step-grandmother-in-law (follow that if you can!--Danny's Dad's wife's mother, lol!), or just Grandma Lewis as we happily call her. Since then, we've gotten a few more, transplanted some, and Grandma's given us more. In the spring they get so full and beautiful, and each plant easily grows half a dozen flowers. They are so beautiful and perfect; as a neighbor friend of mine once said, they're so perfect, they look fake! This is the first time I've cut the lillies so I can enjoy them inside the house. Danny about had a heart attack. I say "They're mine to enjoy! I want to enjoy them in the house as well!"

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The Bluths said...

Funny that he cared so much! Gorgeous! I wish we had some sweet flowers, not much going on in our yard.