Monday, March 26, 2007

new vaccuum

Recently we were able to save up some gift certificates and such in order to replace our vaccum cleaner which has long been needing to be put into retirement. We didn't really know where to start, and finally, we just wrote down model numbers of all the vacuums at Wal-mart and did research online. We finally came up with a winner.

What's funny is, when Danny was standing in the vacuum aisle, pondering and price comparing, another customer approached him and said "Confused?" Danny said he was. The man said, "That's exactly how I was a month ago. So I got all of them, took them up to customer service, plugged them in, and got to test them all out." (What a great idea!) He said his favorite by far was the exact one we had picked out as well. It's the Bissel Power Trak, bagless, and it uses a couple of Hepa filters. We really wanted to try bagless this time around and so far we have been very pleased. It's a bit heavier than our past vacuums, so I'm really glad I don't have to lug it up any stairs. But boy, does it suck! (in a good way!) The first time we ran it over our carpet, it picked up so much dust and sand and layer upon layer of muck. It still does, actually! It's kinda fun to vacuum now...we're really happy with it. Less than $100 at Wally-world.


Amie said...

Good Morning, I brought a new dyson vaccum just b4 christmas & I couldn't believe what came off the carpet I think it took about 2 months of vaccuming b4 the crap stopped coming out of the carpet.

Yabbying is like crayfishing they are bigger than prawns and come out of Dams, if that makes sense.

My cord is for my camera a couple of months ago Brie sucked on it and it wouldn't work and it has taken this long for Harvey Norman to get it in. So now I will be able to share lots of photos all the time.

Have a good day Amie

LIZZEE said...

Wow nice new toy.. Amie.. I know you've been researching it.. I hope it doesn't give up like the others my SIL goes thru one a year no matter how much she pays for it.. Thanks for checking in on me..
I know sometimes I want to crack I feel time is so valuable that's for sure.. I have so little..Will be driving all nite thursday we leave after work.. and then Friday we will go to storage and take most of it to the trash.. I'm not even sure what's in there decorations a chair., that someone gave my daugher catalog mailers. and some embellish boxes i used to make them up and sell on ebay.. So so much.. Thanks for checking in..They are going public at work and we have auditors and they have us working like puppets it's like the work of two people you hardly even if you do have the internet minimized time to go on it..Life is crazy..I'll be greatful for a clean house.
Will see how things go.. I probably can't go to the store cause we have to also bring a few things back here.. So anyone is welcome to come over=-) Talk to you soon.

Melissa said...

So nice to get a new vacuum. I need to get one too. Just saving up and trying to decide. I guess I will be checking out yours at the store -- I don't even want to know what is in my carpet. And to think, I used to get excited about shoes and now it is vacuum cleaners!