Monday, March 26, 2007

lovin mondays

I know this is silly, but I actually love Monday because it's the day when my house is the cleanest! After working M-F with the daycare and T-ball and Baseball and just getting through everything, I refuse to clean my house on Saturdays. That is my day OFF from everything. I scrapbook. I play. I take my kids places. I get outta Dodge. But I refuse to clean that day. Sunday of course is a day of rest and I'd rather not be sweatin' it up toiling on the Sabbath. So Monday is when I get the most done. I mop and vacuum and dust and put away laundry and just take care of long to-do lists. (I actually mop just about every day anyway, just out of necessity) Monday's the day when I make sure the house is at it's best...start off my week right.

So just quickly, some updates from last week--I only exercised once; however, I stayed on my diet consistently and I lost 8 pounds in 7 days. Honestly, I'm not doing anything drastic, I'm just following the Wendi Plan of Weight Watchers. Basically, that means I eat high points-low points-super high-super low to change up my caloric intake and that way, my body doesn't become complacent. Of course, one usually loses quite a bit the first week of eating right after eating wrong for so long, so I certainly don't expect those kind of numbers to continue. But another 2-4 pounds this week and thereafter would be grrrreat! (A little Tony the Tiger for ya there)

We had kind of an icky day...some things happened that haven't fully evolved and so I don't feel like I can fairly blog about them yet. However, it may end up being one of those glass half empty/glass half full things, and may be an answer to prayer in the end. We'll see. Stay posted for some possible announcements. And no, I'm not pregnant.

I took about an hour this afternoon and just played and played the heck out of my piano. Gosh it's been a while since I've done that, just gone creative and pounded out my frustrations on that awesome piece of equipment. I've had my piano since I was 12 I think (or earlier, Mom? 9?) and I believe it was 30 years old when we got it. So this sucker is likely over 50 years old and I still love it. I love to take a normal piece, a hymn, a tune, whatever, and then just add my own arrangement and riffs and dynamics. I totally felt in 'tune' (scuze the pun) with my pianna and just poured my emotions into my creations. Love it.


Amie said...

Good work with the weight loss.... I might need some of that hi lo stuff.

Ashley Harris said...

Amie, oh how do you do the high low thing??? I sooooo need that secret. Oh and I am so jealous of your piano playing abilities. I have a piano in my house for the sole purpose that when my kids get old enough for lessons, I am going to take them too. I can sight read and play one or two hymns but nothing fancy. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

WOW, that is great progress with the weght loss. Good Luck! I also love the layout of you below. Conrats on the vaccuum. I LOVE to vaccuum and a good one even gives me more thrills. I hope my daughter finds a real love of piano and music some day. Take care, Tammi

Deanna Payne said...

You are exactly like me on Mondays mornings. I hate what my house looks like on the weekends but I just tell the neighbors not to come over unless they don't plan to judge me. LOL! Monday morning is the only time my house is ever REALLY clean.

Love the new pages and love the picture of your piano. You have my interest peaked on the news to follow.