Saturday, March 10, 2007

on a roll tonight

I finished these up tonight, I like the simple style. The first I started at the crop night last night. The second, I'm disappointed to see that it turned out looking so pink. It is a red piece of cardstock, but put up against the black and white, it just came out too pink. The last one is my favorite--I have this picture hanging up in my living room. I love it!


April Hall said...

Wow, these are great! I love the pic!!

LIZZEE said...

All is okay.. Amie.. baby still ahve some development test but that's as she grows etc. So for now all is okay and the dad needs a pacemaker so all and all it turned out okay thanks for asking and remembering.. Life is tremendously busy.. I won't be on the forum probably I would say Scrapbook Scramble.. I have a lot to do in life..

Anonymous said...

GREAT LAYOUTS AMIE! It was so nice to meet you on Friday! I love the picture of your boys holding hands! GORGEOUS LAYOUTS!! Take care Tammi