Monday, April 16, 2007

"casion royal" review

Has anyone seen this movie? It's supposed to be the prequel James Bond movie, his first, whatever. I heard so many great things about it, like it was the best one. Let's just start by saying I did like it, but it was far from the best one. First, I'm not too crazy about the new James Bond. Daniel Craig (or James Blonde as some call him) is definitely a cutie. However, in this flick, he just lacks that charisma and charm that past Bonds have shown. He hardly ever smiles, and his character doesn't have any of the cute quips that 007s are famous for. Perhaps that was just the nature of it being Bond's first role as a Double-O. Who knows? The action and stunts were great, the bad guy was eee-vill, and of course the women were beautiful. I have to say one thing, the torture scene was, well, weird to say the least. You who have seen this know what I'm talking about.

To sum up, definitely not one for the kiddos, definitely not not the best Bond ever, worth renting or borrowing once. Other than that...ehh. The best part was watching muscley Daniel Craig/James Bond come out of the ocean in his little swim trunks. ;) Wink!

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kanga5 said...

I'm not big on Bond but we watched The Prestige last weekend and I really liked it. I love movies that keep you guessing throughout and then at the end they play it all out for you. Like Oceans 11- 12 was good too but I liked 11 better.