Monday, April 16, 2007

******** day!

OK, last post for the day...told you I had a lot to share today!

Yesterday was a very special day for us (amid all the puke), something we lovingly refer to as ******** Day! It marks a 6 year anniversary of pretty much the worst day ever for our family. April 15, 2001 (Easter Sunday), Danny, Sean, and myself were in a double roll-over car accident; my loving husband Dan was thrown out. He was air-evaced to St. Joe's hospital where he stayed for quite a while. (I suffered a broken bone in my hand and several cuts and bruises--Sean was in perfect condition. Thank heavens for carseats!!) The following months were the worst I'd ever experienced. Dan suffered so much--a stroke at the scene, a coma in the hospital, a ruptured spleen, pneumonia, a blod clot in his brain, on and on. And all on no health insurance! Yeah, it pretty much sucked all around. However, he received several priesthood blessings assuring he would heal 100%. And over time, he really has fulfilled that blessing. Our health insurance was even covered and that was another huge blessing. I could go on and on.

It wasn't easy! He had to relearn everything--how to eat, go to the bathroom, walk, everthing! His brain suffered a major trauma and watching him go through the stages of the brain injury and recovery were horrifying to say the least. Our families, friends, and ward took care of us. Meals were brought in, friends and visiting teachers watched my son for weeks and weeks while I spent time at the hospital and rehab center with Danny. We were so blessed.

I don't talk about it much, because it's such a personal meaningful experience to us, and no one really gets it who hasn't gone thru a brain injury themselves. You tell someone, "We were in a really bad car accident." And they just think "Oh, but you're fine now." It's just one of those things were no one else can every really understand unless they've been through it.

Anyway, that day changed us in several ways that are personal to us and we like to think of it as a sort of wake up call and second chance to being better people and better Children of God. Better in our marriage and better parents. I know that day was meant to be, and as horrible as it was, I am so grateful for it. That is why we celebrate it!


Christine said...

I've been in two car accidents, both of which I should never have walked away from. And my cousin, who's more of a sister, was in an accident where she was thrown from the vehicle and then it rolled over her. She's paralyzed from the waist down. I am fortunate to have only ended up with some spinal damage and some nerve damage in my legs. The recovery from those traumas takes years and you're right after holding Abigail's hand through her recovery and into her new life no one really understands what that trauma is until they have been there. I'm so glad you have recovered as a family and been able to grow together. I celebrate too, and I went back and carved my name into the tree from my first accident. I felt in some strange way I owned a part of the tree.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Amie what a GREAT STORY! Hard to go through I am sure.. BEAUTIFUL story..
I hope the job and school thing works out. I am the first to admit I drown in the slight possibility of change or hardship. I am not so great at enduring. But sounds like you have such a GREAT attitude, you will all be fine..
As for JAMES BOND.. I did love the movie. I am with you on that torture scene. I didn't even get what they were doing until Tom explained it to me. Hava a GREAT DAY! Tammi

Casey Lu said...

Wow... that was very brave to share something so personal and life altering! I have one situation in my life like that but it wasn't an accident it was my sons birth. It is very emotional and like you said hard for others to fathom. You are such a great example of strength! I am so glad God has blessed your family! Can't wait to see ya at VBall, wish ya luck, and yeah Bond was okay not as great as the others but good and WEIRD too! LOL

LIZZEE said...

Holy cow you guys have been thru hell and back.. Glad it's better. Hopefully everything works out the way you gusy want it to.

April Hall said...

I'm glad that you all ended up OK from that accident. YOu all are such an AMAZING family!!!

As far as the stamps.....what I do is I play around a LOT with them. I like to take each stamp and test it out on scrap paper. One thing I have noticed with acrylic stamps is that they have a tendency to have a thin "film" on them. So I take a plain old white eraser and rub the stamp with it, to kind of "prime" it I guess you could stay. That way the ink doesn't "bead" up on the acrylic stamp. I also get a LOT (actually, almost ALL) of my ideas online--different blogs, message boards, etc. I CASE (copy and share everything) a lot of my creations . I find it REALLY hard to come up with designs of my own, but I swear I try! Don't be afraid to experiment with them. If you want any other tips or ANYTHING, ask! I love sharing! Oh By the way, are you going to be at the Rusty Pickle crop thing at KT on the 27th?

April Hall said...

I use the eraser on the stamp itself. I don't have to do this with all acrylic stamps. I usually test one out and if I see the ink beading then I wipe the ink off and rub the eraser across the stamp. I found that I don't have to do this with Heidi Swapp and Autumn Leaves, but I do with Fancy Pants and the $1 ones from Michaels. It's hit or miss. The eraser doesn't leave any residue or anything like that, it just gets off whatever filmy junk is on the stamp. :) Hope that helps!

Amie said...

You did have lots to share!!! I am glad all is well now. Hope all goes well with the job stuff.

With picassa you just select the photos you want and then press the collage button it is very easy.

Hope that helps.

Have a good day!!