Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Well here's my big boy, Ethan, on his first day at the Dysart Special Ed Preschool. He'll be attending only two days a week and only work on speech and articulation. The teachers promised me that artic is actually pretty easy to clear up, and so he may not be in the program long. Certainly not the 2 yrs + that Cameron has been in. But we're grateful for what help we can get to help clear up and develop his language. I dropped him off today (and welled up just a bit) but on Thursday he'll get to ride the bus like his big brothers. How is it possible that all three of my children are attending school? Not the real thing, I know. But in the fall, Cam starts kindergarten, and that's just mind-blowing! We're proud of Ethan and excited for what the preschool can offer him. It's a quiet house on those days!

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