Monday, April 2, 2007

we're back

...and we're exhausted. Lots of driving up to Provo, UT and back for lil' McKay's baby blessing. We stayed in St. George with my folksies on the way up and back, and stayed with our good buds Ben & Jenna while there. The four days went by in a whirlwind, I tell ya. I'm just gonna post a bunch of my favorite pictures from the weekend (there's a lot!) and the rest will go in the photo gallery. I'm posting some 250+ there to allow for better access for the various family members.

We had to stop along the way for a romp in the snow. So much fun!

Danny's snowman turned out much better in this snow.

I was taking pics right & was so beautiful!

You who know this family will not be surprised at all to learn that we swung by the Cabela's sportsman shop for some fun! Actually, I'd always wanted to take the kids and the camera and go wild. We did...see the photo album!

My favorite person. =)

I heart this photo!

My boys in blue.

Sean loved holding baby McKay!

This camera takes the best outside shots.

#s 1 & 2

Ethan hiding behind the dormant grape vine.

One of my mothers-in-law =) Sharon...isn't she gorgeous?

One of my sisters-in-law Kenia, supermom to 5!

Love it love it love it!! We're getting so big as a family now!

He's mine.

Isn't she beautiful? I don't even know her name; her parents are friends with my inlaws in Provo.

My gorgeous niece, Kylie.

Cameron and his mohawk hair & 3-D glasses.

Super Cheesers!

PS: does anyone know much about Etsy Shops? I'm lookin' into opening one up and wondered if there would be any interest in my homemade crafts, cards, jewelry, whatever. I've been browsing through a few online this evening while I'm waiting for an ebay auction to end (shh...for Danny's Easter present!)


LIZZEE said...

Amie great photos some real good one Looks like a great fun trip for you all. I emailed you a small clip on ETsy.. I looked into it as well about two weeks ago.. It's becoming a little more popular and such.. Good luck let me know if you decide to put up anything...

April Hall said...

Those photos you took came out AMAZING! It looks like you had such a good time!!!!!

Anonymous said...

GREAT PICTURES AMIE! I have never seen an ETSY shop but I would love to check it out so let me know if you open one up! Tammi