Wednesday, May 16, 2007

got the blues from my shoes

How sad is this?? My poor kiddos' shoes. Yes, that big red thing sticking out of Cameron's Spiderman shoes is his sock. LOL! Sean's are really bad--you can't see from this perspective, but he kinda walks on an instep and so his shoes show wear on the inside so completely crooked, it's unbelievable. So sad! We've ordered some new skechers on ebay that should be here by the weekend. Now, we need to get something for Cameron too. Something that will last longer than one season!

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Anonymous said...

Amie, I was blog surfing and I came across yours... The picture you posted brought me to tears! I am a kindergarten teacher and if one of my students came to school with their shoes like that I would have to do something about it! I don't know your financial situation but I do know that there are ways to get help! Try your local thrift store or the DI. They should have something to get you by!