Tuesday, May 15, 2007

tired feet

Just some quick Mother's Day pics and I have to tell a cute story. My husband worked a 48-hr shift from Friday morning thru about 8am Sunday morning. When I woke up and went out into the living room at 6a, I found a table full of the kids' gifts, some roses, and cards and stuff from my husband! I was so surprised--and hubby still wasn't home yet! I called him on his cell, found out he was still at work, and was just leaving. Eventually I got him to admit that he'd been on a call on the west side at about 1am and had decided to set out the gift stuff whilst I slept. Isn't that cute?

Mother's Day was nice and of course I talked to our 3 moms and steps and enjoyed a nice family dinner at my inlaws'.

Monday, I did these little guys--a yellow themed card for my card swap (I'm less than thrilled with how it came out, but I was lacking imagination and I tried about a dozen different combos including sunflower paper, buttons, yellow vellum, handmade butterflies, bow-tie butterflies, on and on. I just couldn't get anything to feel right. So, here it is.

Then, this little A--it's from a bunch of my kids' foam alphabet letter collection, several of which had gone missing. I was about to throw them away, then thought that they'd look great altered, so I did an A just for fun, and I think it came out rather cute. After I took the picture, I added some faux stitching to the bottom of the brown strip of the "A", to make it stand out a bit more.

Tonight we had FHE, dinner, and then Cameron's last T-ball game and award ceremony (can I get a "YAY" out there?!) and then we hustled back so I could hit Stake volleyball. Tomorrow will be another doozie since Danny is taking Sean camping overnight, so we'll be doing some last minute grocery shopping and of course packing everything we own it seems!


Christine said...

I really like the cards. They look like a smile feels to me. Yellow is the most friendly of colors to me. I'll have to show you my yellow bumble bee card when I dig out the box of archives.

Amie said...

How sweet is your hubby!!

LIZZEE said...

What a great Hubby you have. I haven't played Volleyball in ages it was one of my favorites however. Great cards.

Charmaine (CharmWarm on SCS) said...

LOVE the card! It's beautiful! Thanks for posting a link so I could see it, and visit your blog!

Anonymous said...

woah!! you are such a lucky girl... what a lovely surprise :)

p.s. thanks for leaving a comment on my blog and joining in with the blog candy draw :)

tif-do said...

Yay!!! I'm always a little relieved when a sport season is over too.

Delfina said...

How romantic. That was so sweet of your husband.

Those are some cute cards and your altered letter is awsome!

April Hall said...

Sweet! I can't wait to get my card on friday!