Sunday, May 13, 2007


I was blog-surfing this evening and found this on someone's site. Kinda fun. Just some blips into my personality. Try it out!


Amie said...

How are you? I have changed your last name to just H. Same thing happened to me when I started blogging and there is something in you control panel somewhere that you can select no too and your blog doesn't show up on google and that sort of thing.... I googled my name and my blog came up straight away, first line on google that freaked me out a bit.

Have a good day Amie

Anonymous said...

Amie for a second I thought those were your pictures and I was thinking you were really brave to post a pic of you in your undies showing us your cellulite. I am relieved however that it wasn't you. That is a cool site though! Take care, Tammi