Tuesday, June 5, 2007

healthier happier me

Well, I fell off the wagon the last week and a half or so diet-wise...it all started after my weekend of camping. I was so very careful in what I ate; I packed all my light and low-fat stuff and while others were eating crap, I was eating diet food. We even went out to eat once, and while everyone else was eating burgers and fries, I had a chef salad. So I came home, not expecting to have lost, but hopefully to have stayed the same after 4 days. I had gained two pounds!! Thus started my binge. For about a week I ate anything and everything I wanted to, cuz I was gonna enjoy that weight gain darnnit! OK, in hindsight, not a great idea, cuz I gained another 3 pounds but here it stops!! Taking a cue from Shanna, I'm gonna hop back on that diet wagon and hopefully have a good summer weight-wise. I've started this little card-album in hopes of keeping my motivated and accountable. Here's hoping! Feel free to join me if you like! Each week I'll be adding a card, a goal, a detail of progress, something. I'm excited to see how it turns out.

In other slightly related news, here's the layout that I started at the crop Friday night and just finished this morning. It's a simpy, but that's OK! I lifted this from the oh-so-talented Miss Peggy Vo. Thanks Peggy!


tif-do said...

I say yay for you even caring. I have such a bad attitude torwards fitness it's not funny. You keep up the good work and don't sweat the few pounds here and there.

Amie said...

Hey Amie,

I sooo need to do something but my can't be bothered attitude just keeps coming back....

Anyway as soon as I start to worry about it I put weight on so I just try to not think about it!

Love your little card and LO.

Thanks for the heads up on the cookie hoax - I will give them a go anyway!! *HeHeHe*

Have a good week Amie

Shanna said...

AMIE!! Love your title card! WHAT A GREAT START!!!! Glad you're playing!