Tuesday, June 12, 2007

friends and the hunt!

We had so much fun last night with our friends the Maloys! (And a special shout-out to the Matkins who we hosted last week as well--so fun!) We ate junk and talked and laughed and the kids got along great. How fun to finally feel comfortable enough in our own skin to invite friends over. (How dumb is that?!)

Here's a layout I worked on yesterday throughout the day...it's a bit involved...took some time! But I love how it came out. It's pictures of Danny's birthday last year and how we did a treasure hunt for his big gift! What good times--Danny was so impressed that I could come up with something so fun. Truth be told, I'm a bit of a lamer in the surprise/gift department, so I'm glad this turned out to be such a success! Anyway, the layout--each picture is a flap that lifts to reveal hidden journaling detailing his HUNT! So fun! I love it. The first picture is the one with the watch. Click on the pics to get details. =)

PS: I did get out of my grump yesterday. =) Friends are wonderful!


Casey Lu said...

THanks for letting me know, I forgot to pick it up after Vball last week and my son was SO upset. Let me know when he will be a the library next and I will go pick it up. He needs it for scouts! Love this layout with the hidden journaling! I use to do that on my layouts and I think I should start again!

Heidi said...

HA - okay - I must get an honest answer - did you just do the treasure hunt so you could do this layout? BWHAHHHAAA! You're funny! I bet you did! I'm so suprising Ross next week w/ his "big" birthday present - maybe you should tell me your treasure hunt clues so I can copy you?!

Vicki said...

Love this idea of your opened photos with journaling! Awesome idea!!

Anonymous said...

Your lo came out really cute! Love all the hidden journaling. That was a good idea. -delfina