Wednesday, July 4, 2007

boo, moo, and the knight

***originally posted several weeks ago, edited to add this picture that went a'missing.

It looks so much better in person...the 'and the knight' amd the stickles are much more obvious IRL. I really like the color scheme in this one. Before I added the ribbon, it needed something, and I asked my husband for advice. *rolling my eyes*

He said, "How about something Halloweenish like a ghost or a pumpkin?"

"Oh no," I replied and just shook my head. He'll never understand the mind of a scrapbooker.

But I appreciate his caring. =)

We had the best night tonight, went to the Surprise Aquatic Center (sadly the first time this season!!) and then out to Denny's for Kids-Eat-Free Tuesday. I've felt sick ever since.

I've been eating horribly and I'm starting to really feel it. In fact, I've set a new resolve (I know what you're saying, AGAIN, AMIE??) but hey, the other resolves aren't working, so I'm re-resolving! I've never tried running to get in shape. I hate running. HHHHHAAAAATTTTTEEEE running.

My husband always says it's the best way to lose weight.

"You never see a fat runner." Says he.

"That's because fat people can't run." Says I.

However, I have this nice set up in our spare room (remember the whole kicking-Cameron-out-of-his-room-so-we-could-be-selfish-parents-and-have-an -exercise-room thing?) so I've decided to start slow and try running each evening for a mere 5 minutes this week, and then at the start of the next week adding 30 seconds or so. Perhaps by Sean's baptism, I'll be able to run 7 minutes without horking up a lung afterwards. Oh and maybe I'll stop eating crappy Denny's food too.

Yah right, I laughed too!


Anonymous said...

LOve the layout! I actually am thinking of running myself. I used to run and I used to LOVE it! Someday! Have a GREAT 4th! Tammi

Tristi Pinkston said...

That is the cutest scrapbook page!

And I hear ya -- running, while fat, not very happy.

Casey Lu said...

Your so silly Amie! I need to figure out a weight loss resolution as well! I have a wedding in Nov. that I am in and I am suppose to be losing 25lbs...well not doing so well and haven't done a stinkin thing! Oh well. Love this page! Did you hand cut that swirly?! I love it!!!
Great job! I will see ya tomorrow after I get home from work! :)

Becca said...

cutie layout!! Got your blog note! NO Biggie!!! My DH and I just completed a 12 week program called Body For Life. I swear by this plan. My DH has lost over 50lbs (around 40 in the 12 weeks) and I lost 20lbs. If you are interested. There is a link on my blog actually.

Anonymous said... has a really good Couch to 5K program. I think it's 10 weeks and you follow their schedule every other day. It's how I started running 5Ks. I did have to repeat some weeks near the end because I couldn't progress that fast though. Just an idea :)


Amie said...

Your LO looks great!!!!

Good luck with the running..... The sauce bottle I used was just out of the cupboard I think any glass jar with a pattern on the bottom would do the trick. I pressed it in the paint and stamped it onto the LO. Too easy.

Have fun trying.