Tuesday, July 3, 2007


*grumble grumble grumble*

Today's doctor's visit was most annoying.

*worty dird worty dird worty dird*

May I just say, under no uncertain terms, I AM DONE with doctors' visits!!!!!!!!!!! I am done with the hurry hurry rush rush just to wait wait sit sit stew stew.


So think back to last Thursday...I had just found out my sternum was broken, I had just taken my kids (twice) to a sitter, loaded up my patient (twice) and driven into mid-town (twice)...only stupid me, I'd not written the address down correctly and got L-O-S-T. So frustrated, the gas light came on, I gave up and cried all the way home.

Fastforward to today...I make special arrangements with one Daycare Dearie momma, I load up my chitlins, take them to the sitter (thanks, Jenn!), and take my other Sittin' Charge and Cameron allllllll the way to mid-town again (have I mentioned it costs $62 to fill this Chevy minivan we're driving?!??) get a little lost<----but that's ok, because at least this time, I've brought their phone number with me--->get there, take the kids in, and sit........sit.........sit........for literally one (1) hour, sixty (60) minutes controlling my rambunctios five year old, and then the doctor makes his grand appearance.

1) He says "Your doctor is on vacation"
2) He says "Well you just wasted a trip"


Turns out the 'go see trauma doctor within 7-10 days' order on the discharge paper was just a suggestion, not a requirement for anything. We didn't even have to go. I think if I hadn't asked him to, he wouldn't even have looked at Cameron at all! Finally, I tell Cam to go let the doc look at his eye.

1) The doc checks Cam's neck and spine
2) The doc checks Cam's heartbeat
3) The doc says we're done
4) The doc, I assume, just made $80 easy bucks


At least until next week when I return to see my doctor and get to sit in his waiting room for two more hours.


Gardner Adventure said...

Oh, Amie!! I'm so sorry you're having to go through all this! Let me know if I can help out in any way!

Stephanie said...

I don't know if you remember me or not. We used to be in the same Ward. We'd Scrapbook @ Heidi's house. Anyway, Heidi gave me your blog address and I thought I'd send you a little hello. I'm sorry to hear about the yucky stuff that's been happening in your life! I actually went and kissed my kids after seeing your blog. :)
Send me a message if you remember. My blog is
Stephanie Little

Christine said...

Oh girl do I feel your pain! I have 6 doctors I see on a reg basis. Every three months, which ends up about 1 appt every month or so with how they rotate. I have to miss work, rush to their offices all over town then sit and wait for 30 minutes, go back to the room, wait 20 minutes, and I'm lucky if the dr. stays in the room more then 10 minutes. I hate going to dr.'s. Not to mention they always ask me the same info; do you smoke, are you allergic to anything, what are you here for? Uggg read my chart before you come in the room, I got here 20 minutes early on the first appoitment to fill out that stupid form with all that info, holy noly moly at least skim the info in the hall. Uggggg I hate Dr.'s