Friday, July 13, 2007

a new game of tag

I've been tagged not once, not twice, but three times (that I know of) in the past four weeks. But I've run out of interesting things to say about myself, or random facts, or what have you. However, I just found this game of tag on someone else's site and decided to pass it around myself. If you're reading this, consider yourself tagged, and please let me know if you play along so I can go read yours!

What were you doing ten years ago?

Ten years ago I was single, active in my singles' ward, had lots of friends, was interpreting sign language at an elementary school, and living with a bi-polar roommate in Glendale. I loved her, but I quickly learned to wait and see what kind of mood she was in before saying anything to her first. It was not uncommon to come home to find this poor gal sobbing in our room or buried in old journals or cursing mom/dad/the heavens for whatever bug splattered across her windshield that day. Nor was it a rare occasion to come home to find her with all sorts of books open on the table and her talking a mile a minute about how great this architectural style was, look-at-this-oh-my-gosh talking so fast and so high that only pommeraniums could hear her and how neat so and so was, how she wanted to make something and move somewhere and tackle the world. Opposite ends of the spectrum I tell you. We lived together for three months and then she moved out to the middle of nowhere to be a teacher. Then I lived alone until Dan and I got married. It was bliss I tell you. The living alone. I highly recommend it're not married yet or whatever.

What were you doing one year ago?

One year ago Danny was just finishing up Paramedic School for the first time (sigh) and we were looking at the possibility that although he did great in class (a 93%, I think, at the end) his skills were just not up to par and he might not make it through. He didn't. And he was told to wait a year and try again. We were in our same home, our same ward, just about everything else was the same--although one year ago we owned a cute little white minivan that now lives in some junk yard in Wickenburg. =(

Five snacks you enjoy:

Ahh, food, my favorite subject
1. carmel popcorn
2. brownies
3. funyuns
4. anything with peanut butter (peanut butter cups, peanut butter M&Ms, a spoon, etc)
5. trail mix

Five songs you know all the lyrics to:

I loooooooove music and singing and know the words to just about every song, so I'll just list my current favorites

1. "Just the Way I Am" by Ingrid Michaelson

2. "Hey There, Delilah" by the Plain White Tees

3. "Boston" by Augustana

4. "How To Save A Life" by the Fray

5. and I'm sorry to admit it, but "You and Your Hand" by Pink. I can't help it. It rocks. Just don't listen to the words

Things you would do if you were a millionaire:

Pay off our house and buy a bigger one, buy some newer cars (both are/were 2000s, I just want a lil' bit newer), get cable <-----we've never had cable TV ever since we've been married other than free weekends occasionally or whatnot, go on vacation a bit more, donate as often as I felt inspired to, give to friends and relatives, and buy a Cold Stone Creamery and build it next door. =)

Five bad habits:

1. Staying up too late at night

2. Snacking snacking snacking snacking snacking

3. Being too uptight about stuff

4. Wasting time online

5. Being on again/off again with my scripture study. It's a constant battle!

Five things you like to do

1. Go on dates with my hunny

2. Blog

3. Scrapbook

4. Watch movies

5. Cook and Eat

Things you will never wear again

1. Panty hose. Hate the stuff! Who invented this stiffling concept of leg coverage? It's either too small/low/tight and gives you a crotch at your knees or it's too high/stretchy/uncomfortable that it keeps rolling and sagging and oh yeah, it's HOT! Who needs to be lycra-clad in Arizona, I ask you.

2. Probably my maternity clothing. First of all, because it's all way too big. Second, I just don't think a fourth child is in the cards for us, but nothing's set in stone yet.

3. Leg warmers. Just slightly more fashionable versions of #1. And uhh, warmer.

4. My wedding dress. Not for the usual reason--I CAN actually fit into it, I'm about four sizes smaller than I was than when I got married. But I sold it last year. I'm not sure what the fuss about keeping one is all about. I loved it, and it was a beautiful dress, but I'm never going to wear it again. Even if I had a daughter (which I don't) I'd never assume she'd want to wear it. Gone.

5. The classic 'teacher' dress, the denim on the top, floral print on the bottom, no waisted, button-up, could be 80 pounds or 800 and still fit into one of these mumus. Just not sexy in my opinion.

Five favorite toys:

1. The computer

2. My piano

3. Scrapbooking stuff

4. My kids' scooters--seriously so fun! I quite enjoy runnin' round the block on one of them.

5. My son's gameboy; Tetris is still a very addictive game

Where will you be in ten years:

In ten years I'll have kids age 13, 15, and 18, (three teenage boys, yikes), preparing all for missions, but one in particular. Hopefully we'll be in a slightly bigger house, debt free, Dan will be an veteran paramedic and perhaps by then I will have braved up the courage to get back to school and become a nurse. I just want to be happy and healthy and have all my family and loved ones close. =)

There now, I know it's kinda long, but I'd love to see all your responses!! Tag away!


Scrap_N_Angel said...

ok, I reloaded a few times and finally got to the comments. Thanks.

Christine said...

Tagged myself. That one was fun!

tif-do said...

I have to admit I too like the Pink song. My hubby doesn't really care for me singing along to it though. I posted thanks.

leaner said...

I LOVE Pink. Her voice is so great! The lyrics to that one are empowering, the "You don't need a man" and you should do things for yourself. At least in my mind.

I plan on tagging myself, but it will have to wait! LOL