Thursday, July 12, 2007

what the heck kind of mop do you use?

Cuz mine *sucks*, perdon my french. Mine is threaded in loops, and has a mechanism that turns to squeeze excess water from so I can happily swab my floors to my heart's content. Except that it's not a replaceable mophead (that I know of?) and after a few weeks it starts to get stinky and after a few months it seriously reeks like mildew in my house whenever I mop the floor. Am I supposed to replace the entire thing every month or two? Cuz mops ain't cheap, at least not this one. It was $15-ish or so? I've considered the wet swiffer, but it seems I'd spend that equivalent in pad replacements every month because I do (err, at least need to) mop the floor just about every day. I'd love your comments, suggestions, pictures, donations, etc.

Oh, and thanks for all your votes regarding the all important subject of Amie's hair color. I have decided to do the blonde highlights again, thanks to the majority's request. Life can now continue on as you know it.

In other news, I scrapped today and did some more of Shanna's challenge cards. Don't even ask about my weight loss. It ain't a pretty picture and I'm living in my sweats. Actually I'd like to do that, but since it's been about 8,463 degrees in the valley, sweats just ain't an option. I'd run around naked but I think the daycare moms (and my children) would complain. Not my husband so much. But, I digress. Here is my 6th card, front and back--the challenge this particular week was to describe our REWARD for our weight loss.

Next up for your viewing delight, the two layouts I worked on today. I totally scrapjacked the first one from Shanna--yes, she is super-dee-duper talented!!--and the second was just some fun from when Ethan's Developmental Specialist, Amy, brought her laptop for him to play on. I have hidden journaling behind the bottom picture detailing how much he loved it and quickly took to the mouse. It's called "Addicted already?" in case you can't read it.


Delfina said...

Good luck winning the $100. We all know you can do it. Love your lo. They look awsome.

Mrs. Matkin said...

We have a Scooba (it's okay, but not completely thorough). We've had a Swiffer Wet, and I don't particularly love it. It's alright. You have to buy the solution and batteries for it too. We also have a Bissell Flip It which is a dry mop and wetvac combined... like that too. Honestly, if I had to choose I'd pick a rag mop with a bucket on wheels with one of those pressers to squeeze out water. And I like to bleach things, so I'd bleach my mop often. :)

Christine said...

I have a regular swiffer with the moist towels for the mid week clean ups. But when it comes to the hard core cleaning I use the hot soappy water and a good scrub brush method, which is getting old not that we have so much tile. I have some friends that have one of those mops that uses microfiber pads you can throw in the laundry and keep clean. They both love it and swear that it gets the floors really clean. So far I've only seen them at the home shows. I plan on getting one soon!
I agree on the Snape issue, I've always really wanted to see him as good deep down. I have questioned now for a while that he had an agreement with Albus. So hard to think about the other options. Thank goodness we only have a couple of weeks left to get some answers.

Stephanie said...

I LOVE my Swiffer Wet Jet for most of my floor cleaning. But about every 2 weeks I pour some hot soapy water on the floor and I have a stiff broom I only use for the floor. I brush the water all over and then I use a couple of old towels and my feet to push the towels around to clean up the water. Then throw them in the wash.

LIZZEE said...

These are great Amie Love them