Friday, August 24, 2007

explanations--this post is rated PG

I've had lots of questions, so I feel that I owe some explanations about a couple of the following posts.

First, regarding this one. This is a picture of Natalie, Carrie, me, and Christine toilet papering our friend Heather's home last Saturday night during our crop. She's a scrapper and she'll come to our crops, but she refuses to bring any stuff to scrap with because she can't crop without all the stuff in her scraproom! Balderdash!! So we 'punished' her, and had a great time doing it! It was mine and Christine's first time TPing someone's home. Our other friend in attendance, Christy, took the pictures. We were laughing and looking out warily for witnesses. In fact, dogs were barking and our cameras were flashing, so we were surprised not one person from Heather's home (or any of her neighbors) came out to see what all the commotion was about. When we were done, we ran back to Carrie's house, and that was probably the funniest part! Natalie can book it!!

And second, regarding this post and my mention of a tongue bar. OK, here's the story. A tongue bar is a tongue piercing (or tongue ring, it's sometimes called). Yes, I had my tongue pierced when I was in college. But let me say, I was not some rebel or a wild child or whatever. I was just dating this guy who was showing me pictures when he'd had one a couple of years before. I was making light of it, saying it wasn't a big deal. He said, "You'd never do it!" And I said, "Sure I would!" So he decided we were going to do it. We called around, and got our tongues pierced (he had tears rolling down his face, I noticed with satisfaction!, but mine didn't hurt that bad, it was just swollen) and then we went to a John Bytheway concert. Yah, a magical evening.

Let me just say that my opinion on piecings at the time was as such: I figured if piercing your ears was ok, then piercing any other part of your body couldn't be any different, salvation wise (lol!). Plus, it's not permanent--I would NEVER get a tattoo for a plethora of reasons. But piercings, you can take out. Anyhoo...within another month or so I got my belly button pierced as well and then a couple of months later my cartilage at the top of my ear with two of my future sisters-in-law.

For those who are curious, the belly button was the most painful one and I do not suggest it. Mine never really healed right, I was always worried about it getting caught on my pants or belt, and I don't have the flattest tummy to begin with so...ehhh...that one wasn't great. As for my ear, the cartilage, it never really healed either. I couldn't sleep on that side of my head, and my hair was constantly getting stuck in the stud, or my brush in the hoops. So I took both of those out shortly around the time that Danny and I got married.

But the tongue--that one healed just fine, and it was so fun, and a great conversation piece! I ate fine, my dentist worked with me fine, I cleaned it well, etc etc.


Somewhere around a year after we got married, I happened to hear a conference address or some talk from members of the general presidency of the church. To make a long story longer, they said that ONE piercing in your ears was fine (I had two, plus my cartilage) and that was it. And by golly if that's what the Prophet said, then that's what I would follow. So everything else came out. I now have one lone set of earring piercings in my head.

Way too much information, right? But there you have it. Now, go back to believing that Miss Amie is a perfect little Mormon girl. Go on! (and kids, make sure you get mom's and dad's permission before getting any kind of piercing)


Jaime said...

Thanks for the tongue bar explanation, I think we all went thru that period of our lives that we do crazy things.

Mrs. Matkin said...

I had three piercings in my ears, but always wanted to get the belly ring (not that I would have ever displayed it) and the cartilage. I'm glad to know that those were the most painful, so I don't feel like I missed out on anything!

The Bluths said...

Man, I've missed a lot! Just want to inform you that I have read all three Twilight series and longing for more. I don't know what to do with myself now that I don't have a book to read constantly!

azspecialk said...

I always knew you were a little bit of a "wild child!" I love your stories.

Christine said...

I for one am shocked, just shocked. I'm not sure I can recover. J/K, you crack me up. Oh I could curl some toes if I shared my rebelous pre-gospel years. A toung ring would be a walk in the park. lol, one of my missionaries told me that I was ment to find the church because I was too sweet to act that crazy. hahahaha, ah memories.

Delfina said...

I just have my ear pierced and I thing that as far as will go. But everone in there younger years always go and do something they will always remember. Don't forget to scrapbook about that period in your life.

carrie said...

My goodness!! Iam absolutely shocked Amie. I can't even picture you with a tongue ring. Pretty brave though, I wouldn't be able to handle the pain. I got my ears pierced when I was 10 or 11 and I only got one side done. I went back the next day though to get the other one done. That's me the worry wart!!

AnnMarie said...

I am too much of a whimp. I only have one set of ear piercings, but I did go with a roommate at Ricks to help her pick out a tatoo. It was painful just watching!

The Goofy Gardner's! said...

Hilarious!! It's so great to know that we are all human and normal at that! lol

Robert and Lolly Soulier said...

Ouch! I always knew you were tough stuff. Do you still roll out of bed and do crunches every morning? She's made out of steel!

WE miss you guys!