Tuesday, August 28, 2007

long-winded, hope you're in a comfortable chair

Just an obligitary post for the related fans I have out there {related to me, not necessarily to each other, or even to you for that matter}, something that most of you can just skip but certain Grandmas out there just eat this stuff up. Love you, Mom. =)

It was a busy night! Sean had Cub Scouts and this week they went to Cabella's, a sports wherehouse kind of store--oh wait, I have no idea how to spell wharehouse...warehouse? wharehouse? wherehouse? whatever--a big ol' honkin' store that caters to hunters and campers and fisherman...and those on African Safari apparently. I thought they were going just for fun to look at the animals, but I should have known that this field trip would have a point. They actually got to taste ostrich and buffalo meat, among other things! That's never happened to me any time I've been forced to walk thru those doors (and believe me, marrying into the family I did, I've been there a'plenty, one such week, twice in two different states, same group of inlaws!)...but I guess he had a good time. I only wish I'd sent my 35mm camera with him--I thought about it and then figured he'd lose it, drop it, break it, or just otherwise not know what to do with it. Oh well, next time.

Afterwards, Cameron started soccer practice for the first time. His team meets at 5:30p. For their games, they'll wear wear black shirts, black shorts, black socks up to their hips, and black soccer cleats. Playing in Phoenix in 110 degree weather. The poor child is going to get heatstroke. I'm thinking of having Danny attach an IV to him pre/during/after the games just so we can stay out of the emergency room for the rest of the year. He seemed to really like it and even knows one of the kids on his team, a kid from kindergarten named "Ki-foh-fer" (that's "Christopher" for those of you who do not speak Cameron-ese.)

Then, once Sean got back from his cub scout field trip, he started his first practice. They at least don't start until 6:30 (sun goes down around 7) and wear yellow. They both did great, as far as I understand. I was sane and opted to stay home and out of reach of the heatstroke. Plus, at 7:15, I had the RS Presidency come take me out to dinner at Red Robin, my favorite!

All this was very interesting being that Danny worked in Mesa today and was driving our one working car (probably another week for the truck, sigh) and all these events were back to back to back at different locations. Ahh well. At least there are no awards for attendance. (Cuz my kids would SO win that award...)

So dinner was awesome because on Sunday I was released from my calling as the Relief Society 2nd Counselor (Enrichment Counselor) and I was sustained as the new primary pianist. Old hat--done it countless times. Much easier than being a primary teacher I must say. But I will definitely miss the ladies and being among my own for a whole hour each week. You know...stay at home mom, does home daycare, I don't get much of a break from the kiddos, and I get so much out of sacrament meeting, well...I just really enjoyed those two child-free hours. Plus, I really loved my calling and the sisters and everything it entailed. Ahh well, we go where we are called. I do enjoy being back in a piano calling; it's been well over 5 years since I've had one, so it's a good break and I'm definitely needed there.

So, back to dinner, good food (love that Bonzai Burger--the girls had to laugh at my specific order: Bonzai burger on wheat bun, no mayo, Boca patty, 1 slice of cheese {it comes with 2, did you know? look it up} and nix the fries in favor of fruit, yum!!) good conversation, good ladies, good fun. I will miss them. (If they give me a chance to miss them!) I demanded that the secretary and president be my new visiting teachers and my wish was granted! Score! lol

Ok, way long-winded post--I warned you to skip it!--just to end it by saying Thanks Heather, Amy, Christine, and Lindsay for making my 18 months in the RS Presidency so awesome! (and thanks also to Lynette, Cheri, and Petra who I also worked with this year) Leilani, you're gonna do great. Call me any time. I'll meet ya at Red Robin.

{On a side note, I just went over this post and realized that we Mormons have our own language, do we not? Relief Society President? Visiting Teacher? Callings? We have our very own lingo. If you're curious, I'd be happy to explain everything. At Red Robin. =)}


Christine said...

I'll kidnapp you anytime you need kiddo free time. When the weather cools down we can walk a couple nights a week? Then there is scrapping nights. Game nights. Burned DVD nights. I'm sure we'll go crash Nat's house since she'll be so lonely with just her Sean and the kids. And of course we'll have to plot about our next night of deviance! Miss me hahahaha, you'll probably see me more then you care to now. LOL.

Mrs. Matkin said...

Mmmm! Red Robin! I want to come next time! :) Yes! Please do come and get me! My mom hadn't read my blog in a couple of weeks and I had to answer for the fact that we went toilet papering! Ugh! I'm so ready to not be a teenager anymore! :)

Ashley Harris said...

Nice picture of a red robin burger when I just got back on the WW wagon!
Oh and I tag you. Rules are on my blog! Have fun!