Monday, August 27, 2007

share a funny preggo story

So taking a cue from my friend Stephanie L. <----- long ago in a land far far away, we were in a ward together, and as always, it took me about three years to make friends and find her and fellow scrapbookers and when we moved she is one of the good scrappy gals whom I missed and now I think she lives in Buckeye and I'm just gonna keep typing and adding run-on sentences because it's fun to imagine you reading this aloud all in one long sustained breath which by the way, did you brush your teeth yet tonight because personally, I've had three bowls of super yummy turtle tracks ice cream today and I smell like peanuts. ----->Anyway, she posted on her blog in response to our mutual friend's funny current pregnant story (obviously funnier to us because we're not pregnant, but read here to see what our poor friend Heidi is going through) and asked us all to post a funny preggers story of our own.

Personally, I don't have any really good ones. But I can quote a quick little funny that happened once while I was pregnant with Sean, my first. I was working at the high school and was interpreting sign language for a junior math class when all of a sudden, it seems that I blinked and next thing I knew I was pushing myself up off the desk next to me. The entire class was silent and staring at me. The teacher asked, "Are you ok?" I said I was and continued interpreting. Seconds later I signed to my student, "Did I faint??" and with big saucer eyes, he said, "Yes!"

Minutes later (as I left to find my supervisor and asked to take a sick day) I puked all over the lovely hedges behind the cafeteria and later realized that I'd caught a really nasty flu bug that was going around my entire Mormon apartment complex.

So, not so much a prego story as much as a flu story, but still...nothing really interesting happens to me. Danny says I should share about the time that I burst into tears when the cookies I was making didn't set right. (There's just some mystery about a double broiler that I've never fully gotten) But as you can see, I just told the story and it wasn't that interesting.

So, please, share yours on your blogs--even if you've never been pregnant or (gasp!) you're a man (yah, right, like any of those read my blog other than my husband whom I guilt into reading mine [love you, honey!]) you all know OF a funny preggo story. Share away!


Christine said...

I just have to say how much I enjoy reading your blog. Not only are you amazingly talented, super-great with Sophie, but you are also so funny!

azspecialk said...

Okay Amie, I have responded to your challenge. It wasn't easy, but it was theraputic. lol! By the way, Heidi's story was funny and horrific! Poor thing!

Mom, wife, scrapaholic... said...

I left the web and Ms. Spider right where she was. My kids didn't want me to move her from her home. So I guess they aren't going to go swing well they really don't but maybe once a month. I work for Recollections now. :) I got it!

carrie said...

Hmmm. I have a preggo story but I can't publish it. I'll have to wait until Friday when we scrapbook. But I will try to think of something else.

Stephanie said...

Cute story! I love how you asked your student in sign-language if you had fainted - so the whole class didn't see you ask! That's funny and I can totally see you doing that!