Friday, September 7, 2007

my problem child

So...anyone had the principal of your kids' school already call this year on your child's behavior?

I have.

Not once.

But twice.

The first time was last week for peeing on the playground with another child. And trying to pee on a girl. And the second time was today for dropping his drawers and shaking his booty at his kindergarten class, again with another child. Now in the first instance, Cameron was the instigator. In the second, the other child started it. (these were two different children, by the way)

Sigh. What do you do when you see the school district on the Caller ID? I almost want to ignore the phone! And what do you say when you're told that your child will now have a permanent school record labeled under Sexual Harassment? Of course I'm disappointed and embarrassed, but he's five. He's very into potty talk and potty humor and anything having to do with burps, farts, or butts is hilarious to him.

I was not shocked at either phone call, because these are things I've seen Cam do here at home. I have not sanctioned these things, allowed them, or excused them, but it did not surprise me that he did them at school.

We've been back in school for a grand total of 19 days and he's been out sick for two of them. So...17 days, already two pink slips and calls from the Principal's office.

It's gonna be a looooooong 13 years.

Now, here's my dear sweet innocent special Cameron in a layout I did last night. Had I done it up today, the journaling might look quite different. "Cameron: Troublemaker. Public Peer. Kindergarten Mooner." Sigh.


Rosy said...

Oh my goodness!! I'm sorry, I probably shouldn't laugh but I could totally see both of those happening with my son! It's a good thing they don't go to school together! ;)

Lou said...


Someday you guys will look back and laugh your heads off (or shoudl I say bums?) over this.

Public mooning at 5. Priceless.

And I'm so glad it wasn't mine- who would totally do something like that.

Toni said...

Oh Amie, I feel your pain. I too am hesitant to answer the phone when I see the school district on the caller I.D. It's like "oh no what did Noah do this time". Last time the teacher called it was to tell me that he was disrupting the class by teaching another little boy how to make fart noises with his armpit. Oh the joys of having a child that is ALL boy.

Delfina said...

LOL! You poor girl. BF mom said that he use to do crazy thing like that and she was alwaying getting callfrom the school n all. Sorry to say but hasn't changed one bit.

LIZZEE said...

boys will be boys.. it doesn't excuse it but i can visually picture this and i think I would have probably laughed when I got the call.. hugs

Natalie said...

heavenly days! what are you teaching your children??? :)

i wonder what it is about ALL BOYS that do these things. my shawn will giggle for a long time when he reads this post... and he's an ADULT! i feel your pain and dread it for myself when sam starts school!

great layout!

eMeLiNe said...

o o ... i better get prepared ! anyhow, think u r doing a wonderful job with 3 boys ! :D

Monica said...

Oh goodness!!! I feel for you, definitely scrapworthy!

The Bluths said...

Ha, how did you talk to Cameron about it? I don't know what I would do!

Just Me said...

Hehehehe...that is TOOOO funny!! I can just invision it and can't quit laughing.

AnnMarie said...

I'm sorry I'm chuckling, but I have a feeling Campbell is going to be something else when he starts school. Too bad about the permanent record, that seems a little ridiculous. C'mon he's 5.

Deanna Payne said...

Ok Amie. First things first. I am sorry to laugh at your troubles but I can just see this now. I would be horrified if it was my child but since it isn't I can laugh right? I am in for it with Mason I am sure.

Second, you have a comment here from the Bluths. What is his name? I think I went to Gilbert high with him. Oh and did I tell you I recently saw Susie at the SLC airport?